Organizations WE SERVE


Indiana is one of the worst-ranked states in child welfare, but the state spends significantly more money in this category than most states because families never “get out” of the system. Lifeline is committed to changing this. When Lifeline began back in 1968, its focus was to help teenage boys in crisis by providing a safe place and an opportunity for them to experience a positive family environment. Today, Lifeline is as passionate about restoring families as ever. They go beyond short-term solutions for these families and equip them to tackle the root of the issues they face and cope with any new crisis that may come their way. They are proud to be a lifeline for families in all 92 Hoosier counties, providing evidence-based and family-centered casework and therapy, support groups, education, and pre-and-post-adoption services.


Hardships in life can leave us feeling anxious, frustrated, and broken ­– sometimes it feels impossible to overcome these hardships alone. Crosswinds Counseling provides outpatient mental health therapy and works with people of all ages and backgrounds. They provide counseling services for children, teens, adults, couples, and families, working through anxiety, depression, trauma, grief, marriage issues, divorce, abuse, family & blended family struggles, burnout, low self-esteem, and so much more. They also have a Corporate Counseling program, where they provide counseling to employees of Corporate Partners. Crosswinds Counseling has a diverse group of Licensed and Master’s Level counselors who come from different backgrounds and have different therapeutic approaches. Yet, all share the same goal: to bring hope to individuals, families, and communities.


Young men who have suffered traumatic experiences and are rejected by society for harmful actions shouldn’t be denied a second chance. Rather than discrediting the potential of these young men, our team at Pierceton Woods Academy (PWA) provides a safe and structured environment to learn vocational skills, succeed academically and participate in therapy to position them for a brighter future. PWA's programs include Sexual Health and Relapse Prevention (SHARP); Substance Abuse, Behavioral & Emotional Regulation (SABER); Alternative School; and a Vocational Program. PWA's team is compassionate and cares about the success that these young men can achieve. PWA provides residential care to males ages 13 - 21.


Spencer Home is a residential program for young men facing emancipation. They provide apartment-style living for residents who are ready to test their independent living skills in a safe and structured environment. While at Spencer Home, individuals can obtain employment in the community and position themselves for future success.


Wheatfield Academy is a faith-based Therapeutic Boarding school located in Wheatfield, Indiana that offers solutions to teenage boys ages 13-17 struggling with behavioral issues, family issues, mental health concerns, and academic needs. Wheatfield Academy provides a year-round academic curriculum, Service & Equine Facilitated Learning, Trauma-Informed Equine Facilitated Learning (EFL), and Care Farming & Animal Husbandry. The team at Wheatfield Academy is committed to loving and bringing hope to hurt and broken teens and families.